1 army hq signal regiment delhi address

Five other soldiers were injured by small arms fire. His explosives sniffer dog, Sasha, was also killed in the incident [ 72 ]. The patrol received reports from locals that the Taliban were in the area but before they could take up defensive positions they received incoming fire, and the soldier sustained a single gun shot wound [ 73 ].

At hrs local time, a routine patrol conducting reassurance and interdiction activities left Forward Operating Base FOB Gibraltar and at hrs local time encountered enemy forces and engaged them.

A short while later the patrol reported one casualty from the engagement who was seriously wounded by a blast, the soldier died shortly afterwards. Signaller Wayne Blandaged 21 and from Leeds, serving with 16 Signal Regiment was killed in a suicide attack on a vehicle patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan, 11 August At During that time an improvised explosive device was detonated which resulted in the death of Cpl Dempsey and shrapnel and blast injuries to one other ISAF soldier, an Afghan National Army soldier and the patrol interpreter [ 76 ].

The explosion is believed to have been from an improvised explosive device. The soldier was given first aid at the scene, but died a short time later [ 77 ]. As a consequence of this there was an explosion and WO2 O'Donnell died shortly afterwards from the injuries he sustained in the explosion [ 78 ].

The patrol was clearing an area essential for the security of the Kajaki hydro-electric dam when LCpl Mason was struck by an improvised explosive device [ 80 ]. Two other soldiers were also injured.

Rifleman Rai received a gunshot wound from enemy fire. Despite having received medical treatment at the scene he died a short time later from his wounds. They were taking part in a patrol with soldiers from the Afghan Security Forces when their Jackal MWMIK vehicle was destroyed by an explosive device, both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

A member of the Afghan National Security Forces also lost his life and a third Royal Marine was seriously injured [ 83 ]. Colour Sergeant Dura was taking part in a road move when the Warrior tracked armoured vehicle he was travelling in was hit by an improvised explosive device [ 84 ]. He received medical treatment at the scene; however he died of his wounds while being taken to the military hospital at Camp Bastion. The two Marines were taking part in a foot patrol and had moved on to the roof of a compound when there was an attack by insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades and they were badly wounded.

Both marines received immediate medical attention and were moved to a secure location before being put on a helicopter to be transferred back to Camp Bastion, however both died from their injuries during the flight. X-Ray Company was conducting an operation alongside Afghan National Army troops to dominate areas posing a dangerous threat to British forces and the local Afghan population.

The men who were killed were members of the Quick Reaction Force QRF which was working in support of the company operation.

The members of the QRF were talking to locals when a 13 year old boy pushed a wheelbarrow containing an explosive device toward them, which was then detonated killing the marines and killing and injuring a number of children and civilians. It is thought that the boy did not know about the explosives in the wheelbarrow and was an unsuspecting victim of the blast.

He was at a Forward Operating Base in the Gereshk area of Helmand province when he was fatally wounded when the gun position he was commanding came under attack. He received immediate medical treatment and was then taken by helicopter to the International Security Assistance Force's military hospital at Kandahar, but died shortly after arrival. Rifleman Nash was covering his comrades from the roof-top of a building in a compound when he was wounded.

He was treated on the scene and then flown to Camp Bastion for further treatment, but died from his injuries. At about hours, just west of Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, a BvS 10 Viking armoured personel carrier was disabled by an explosion which injured 3 personel on board. When Cpl Deering, who was a Viking Mechanic, approched the disabled vehicle to assess the damage, there was a second explosion which killed him instantly.

Corporal Liam Elms26 years of age and from Zulu Company, 45 Commando, Royal Marines was killed by an explosion whilst taking part in a local area patrol alongside Afghan National Army troops on the afternoon of 31 December in the Sangin district, Helmand province, Afghanistan.

He was 2IC of a section taking part in a vehicle patrol alongside members of the Afghan National Army when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. Victor Company 45 Commando was conducting a deliberate offensive patrol alongside the Afghan National Army to destroy a key Taliban command cell. Whilst establishing a vital fire-support location to protect his colleagues advancing on a Taliban defensive position, Mne Mackin was killed by an enemy Improvised Explosive Device.

The MoD subsequently confirmed that the men died as a result of a 'Blue on Blue Friendly fire ' incident, thought to involve a Javelin missile. He was 21 years old and from Saltash, Cornwall. Acting Corporal Robinson was on a patrol to dominate ground with his Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team and the Afghan National Army platoon with whom he had been operating since September when he was killed as a result of enemy fire during an ambush north of Sangin District Centre.

He was 31 years old. Corporal Nield died from injuries sustained from an explosion, believed to have been caused by an RPGpossibly fired by an Afghan National Army soldier [ 99 ]during a fire-fight whilst on a deliberate operation involving a joint UK and Afghan National Army patrol north of Musa Qala. The marine died as a result of wounds sustained from enemy fire in an area to the south west of Sangin, in Northern Helmand.

He was part of a patrol operating in support of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. The Patrol was ambushed by Taleban fighters and Marine Smith was struck by small-arms fire, however despite receiving medical help from his colleagues he died of his wounds as he was being flown to hospital. The soldiers died from wounds sustained as a result of their Snatch Land Rover being struck by an enemy IED during an escort operation in the Gereshk district of Helmand province.

British Forces casualties in Afghanistan since 2001

Marine Laski was taking part in a foot patrol to provide security to the local Afghan community. When crossing open ground they were engaged by enemy fire and during the engagement that followed Marine Laski was struck by a bullet. Despite the best efforts of all involved he failed to recover consciousness and died with his family round him.

He received immediate medical attention from the medics within his team but unfortunately died at the scene. The men were involved in a vehicle movement to the west of Garmsir in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan when the Jackal MWMIK they were traveling in was struck by an explosive device and destroyed, killing both men. Lance Sergeant Fasfous was killed instantly as a result of an explosion whilst taking part in a foot patrol alongside the Afghan National Army in the vicinity of FOB Keenannorth east of Gereshk in Helmand province.

The two Service personnel were killed by a suicide bomber during a patrol in GereshkHelmand provincein the afternoon of Thursday 7 May The men had dismounted from their Snatch Vixen Land Rover when they were approached by the bomber on a motorbike, who then immediately detonated his device.

Lieutenant Mark Evison aged 26, from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards died peacefully on 12 May in Selly Oak HospitalBirminghamas a result of a gunshot wound sustained during a patrol in the vicinity of Haji Halem, Helmand province, Afghanistan, on 9 May The resulting explosion killed Marine Mackie instantly and seriously injured his crewman [ ]. Cellulite la face on a foot patrol near Sangin in Helmand Province Fusilier Suesue was fatally injured with a gunshot wound.

Fusilier Suesue was 28 years old and originally from Fuji. Lance Corporal Hill was on a deliberate operation near Garmsir in Helmand province when there was an explosion which killed him instantly [ ]. The soldier was on a patrol near Gereshkwhen he was killed by an explosion [ ].

When his section became pinned down by accurate rifle fire from two sides Pte McLaren pushed forward to obtain a better fire position to relieve his section, but was killed by an explosion from an improvised explosive device [ ]. Lieutenant Paul Mervis a platoon commander from The 2nd Battalion the Rifles was on a foot patrol near Sangin, northern Helmand Province, when he was killed as a result of an explosion from an improvised explosive device, on the morning of 12 June [ ].

Major Birchall was traveling in a Jackal MWMIK which rides and wrinkles the second vehicle in a group of three which were involved in a routine patrol to deliver supplies and check on his men in the checkpoints around Basharan. Although he survived the initial blast and receive immediate medical attention at the scene, Major Birchall died of his injuries before he could be extracted to medical facilities.

Another six troops were injured by the blast. Pte Laws had been involved in a dismounted IED search team and had periodically been dismounting and remounting the vehicle as it stopped and started along a road.

It was immediately after he had remounted and the vehicle had just moved off when it was struck. He was aged Several other members of the patrol were injured in the explosion. Captain Ben Babington-Browneaged 27, from 22 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers, died in an incident in Afghanistan, Monday 6 July when the helicopter he was in crashed [ ] whilst taking off from a US forward operating base in Zabul province.

It was "determined that the crash did not occur as a result of enemy fire". Private John Brackpoolaged 27, formally of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and serving as a reservist with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guardsdied on 9 July as a result of a gunshot wound.

He was shot and killed whilst he was on sentry duty on a compound that had recently been secured as part of Operation Panchai Palangnear Char-e-Anjir, just outside Lashkar Gah, in Helmand Province. He died in an explosion as he was travelling in the lead vehicle of a group of BvS 10 Vikings. The men were conducting a routine patrol from FOB Wishtan when at approximately hrs a member of the patrol accidentally detonated an improvised explosive device IED which fatally wounded him and injured seven other members of the patrol.

The soldiers then recovered their wounded and dropped back to attend to them and await the assistance of the medical Quick Reaction Force QRF. At approximately hours, just as the QRF arrived, a second, more powerful device was detonated in the area where the wounded men were being treated, killing another three members of the platoon including Rifleman Murphy who was carrying his close friend Rifleman Simpson, to safety after he had been wounded in the first explosion.

Attempts to evacuate the injured soldiers were further hampered by IEDs on the possible helicopter landing areas at the scene of the explosion so the men had to be evacuated to the FOB, however more IEDs had been placed by the Taliban on the route back to FOB Wishtan.

Cpl Etchells, who was aged 22 and from Mossley, Greater Manchester, was killed as a result of an explosion that happened whilst on a foot patrol near Sangin, northern Helmand Province. Whilst taking part in Operation Panchai PalangBombardier Hopson was part of a patrol tasked to reconnoiter a suitable area for a polling station in the forthcoming Afghan presidential elections. He was killed as a result of an explosion that happened while on a vehicle patrol in Babaji District, southern Helmand province.

Another British soldier remains in a critical condition following the porridge dietetique chinoise. Lance Bombardier Hatton had been clearing a route to a helicopter landing zone to enable an earlier casualty to be airlifted to medical aid when he was caught by an IED blast and was wounded.

As a result of this Pvt Hunt's head struck the vehicle and despite wearing his drivers protective helmet Pvt Hunt sustained a serious injury from which he never recovered consciousness. He was subsequently aero-medically evacuated to the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Selly Oak Hospital so his family could be with him when he died. The three men were taking part in a foot patrol near Sangin in Helmand province when Lance Corporal James Fullarton, who was the Section Commander was badly hurt by a roadside bomb.

Fusiliers Annis and Carter went to his assistance, but a second IED detonated, killing all three soldiers. As Serjeant McAleese attempted to assist Young there was a secondary explosion which fatality injured both men. While on a foot patrol in Sangin district, Helmand province, on Saturday 15 August Fusilier Bush was attempting to rescue Sergeant Simon Valentine when there was a secondary explosion which seriously injured him.

It was clear he would not recover from his injuries and he was evacuated to Selly Oak where he died with his close family around him.

1 army hq signal regiment delhi address

A Royal Marine died following an explosion whilst on a foot patrol near Gereshk in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in the early hours of Saturday 29 August His family have asked for no further information to be released. Lance Corporal Richard James Brandonoperating with The Light Dragoons Battle Group, was killed as a result of an explosion that happened whilst on a vehicle move in the Babaji district, central Helmand province, on the evening of 2 September Kingsman Jason Dunn-Bridgeman from 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment was killed in a firefight with the enemy during a foot patrol in the Babaji district of Helmand province on 13 September Acting Serjeant Stuart McGrath from 2nd Battalion The Rifles was killed as a result of an explosion that happened whilst on a foot patrol in the Gereshk district, central Helmand province, on the afternoon of 16 September Private James Prosser from 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh was killed as a result of an explosion that happened during a vehicle patrol in Musa Qaleh district, northern Helmand province on 27 September Guardsman Jamie Janes from 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, was killed as a result of an explosion that happened whilst on a foot patrol near to Nad e-Ali district centre in central Helmand province on Monday 5 October Adam Drane from 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment died as a result of small arms fire while guarding a checkpoint in in the Nad-e-Ali area, in central Helmand province on 7 December On 8 Decemberhe was announced as the th British soldier to die in Afghanistan in the year [ ].

This year had been the bloodiest for British forces since the Falklands War inand followed 39 British deaths in Afghanistan in42 in and 51 in [ ] [ ] [ ]. The number of British troops wounded in Afghanistan had doubled in a year: servicemen and women injured so far in - compared to in all of [ ].

This raised UK fatalities since in this theatre toof these sustained in On 23 December, an investigation was started to the deaths of Lance Corporal Michael David Pritcharda member of the Royal Military Police who was attached to 3rd Battalion The Rifles, and Lance Corporal Christopher Roney from 3rd Battalion the Rifles, who possibly died as a result of friendly fire "blue on blue"the last one after a vicious firefight in Patrol Base Almas near Sangin in Helmand [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ].

This brought the number of British service personnel deaths in Afghanistan in to There had been British troops killed in Afghanistan since This casualty brought the number of British soldiers killed in the conflict since toincluding in [ ].

On 15 December, the official casualty toll up to the end of November was released by the Ministry of Defence: more than 1, members of the Armed Forces had been wounded in action in Afghanistan since the mission began in late The vast majority of them was sincewhen the campaign started in the southern Helmand province. One third of the wounded suffered serious or very serious injuries.

The increase in injured service personnel had also been marked compared with previous years. Inthe total number wounded in action was Inwhen 16 Air Assault Brigade was sent to Helmand, 85 were wounded in action. All the injured received initial treatment at the British military hospital at Camp Bastion in central Helmand, before being evacuated to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.

Wounded militaries requiring artificial limbs or rehabilitation for other injuries were then sent to the special defence medical facility at Headley Courtnear DorkingSurrey. She expressed her sadness at the death toll and praised the stoicism showed by bereaved families of killed military personnel [ ].

On January 23, the death of Rifleman Peter Aldridgeaged 19, of A Company, 4 Rifles, in a bomb explosion in Sangin, Helmand province while on foot patrol, brought the British death toll since the start of the Afghanistan war to cellulite gland The number of British dead in the country then reached five short of the total who died in the Falklands war [ ].

British casualties in Afghanistan have had a major political impact, although not as significant as the impact of British casualties in Iraq. This is mainly because the three main British political parties LabourConservatives and the Liberal Democrats all support British operations in the country. Toward the end of the numbers of troops being killed or seriously injured whilst travelling in lightly armoured Snatch Land Rovers in both Iraq and Afghanistan raised questions in the United Kingdom Parliament about the suitability of the vehicles for use in these theatres [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ].

Members of the public and families of killed and injured servicemen have campaigned about perceived problems with these vehicles including an online petition to the office of the Prime Minister [ ]. This table can be sorted by clicking the icon in the column headers. In overallit was announced that British troops had been killed in Toutes les traductions de British Forces casualties in Afghanistan since Une fenêtre pop-into d'information contenu principal de Sensagent comment donner du volume aux cheveux mi long soirée invoquée un double-clic sur n'importe quel mot de votre page web.

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BBC News. Retrieved 2 January Sky News. Uk MoD. UK MoD. Military Operations news article. MoD Oracle. Retrieved Daily Mirror. In front of him was carnage.

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Please see the talk page for more information. December SanginHelmand province. BeestonEngland. The Light Dragoons. Lashkar GahHelmand Province. BirkenheadEngland. Improvised explosive device.

BabajiHelmand province. CastlefordEngland. Nad AliHelmand Province. Royal Logistics Corps. LincolnEngland. Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. SanginHelmand Province. MossleyEngland. GereshkHelmand province. WalsallEngland. BromyardEngland. Castle BromwichEngland.

CroydonEngland. Nad AliHelmand province. Kings LynnEngland. Char-e-AnjirHelmand province. CrawleyEngland. MaidenheadEngland. GereshkHelmand Province. BlackpoolEngland. MaidstoneEngland. HarareZimbabwe. Improvised Explosive Device. LlanelliWales. The Mercian Regiment. BromsgroveEngland. PlymouthEngland. KirtlingtonEngland. VanderbijlparkRepublic of South Africa. LondonEngland. Royal Regiment of Scotland. FionnphortIsle of Mull.

ReadingEngland. Brigade Reconnaissance Force for the 19th Light Brigade. Musa QalehHelmand Province. BelfastNorthern Ireland.

The Parachute Regiment. CromerEngland. GarmsirHelmand province. NottinghamEngland. Betws-y-CoedWales. West YorkshireEngland. LevukaFiji. Kirkby-in-AshfieldEngland. BangorWales. BridgendWales. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. MünsterGermany. NeathWales. Musa QalehHelmand province. PontardaweSwanseaWales. TauntonEngland. PaderbornGermany. MonmouthRegime switching model in r. Signals Detachment, Yankee Company, 45 Commando.

LiverpoolEngland. Nawa-I-Barakzayi DistrictHelmand province. FleetwoodEngland. CheltenhamEngland. Sangin District CentreHelmand province. SaltashEngland. Garmsir DistrictHelmand province.

WatfordEngland. StockportEngland. KajakiHelmand Province. Again it has also conducted anti-locust, anti-boar and anti-smuggling operations. The overwhelming response of the Army had been admirable, this reflected the total devotion and commitment to uphold the flag of Pakistan at any cost within minutes after earthquake, Army Aviation Helicopters were in the air in order to assess damage and bring back injured casualties. All the main roads in Muzaffarabad were reopened after 36 hours of the earthquake.

Fifty satellite phone PCOs in Kashmir and 60 in affected areas of NWFP had been installed for the convenience of people to make and receive calls free of cost. Around truck loads were distributed in Muzaffarabad almost every day.

Pak Army's medical teams were working day and night in Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot, Bagh, Balakot and Batagram with a missionary zeal, our troops were working round-the-clock to mitigate sufferings of the millions of survivors. The foreign dignitaries and leaders of political parties who had been visiting the devastated areas were unanimous in lauding the role of our dedicated soldiers in alleviating human sufferings. Mercifully, Pakistan Army had done more than one could expect.

Besides, free medical services are provided to the citizens in the backward area of the country. The army provides educational facilities to the soldiers and officers. It encourages the servicemen to enhance their education and provides all necessary facilities in the regard.

The army offers course in higher education like M. Phil and Ph. It runs the National University of Modern Languages which has, on its staff, a large number of foreign instructors. The army trains officers at this institute to further send them to foreign courses. The army has started own Medial College whose graduates will serve the armed forces.

In the domain of national education, the army has also contributed in a big way bringing in, efficiency, order and discipline in so far as its management of schools and colleges in the Cantonment areas is concerned. There is a marked improvement in the performance of students and teachers of these institutions and the general administration has been improved remarkably. Conclusion The Pakistan Army, like Pakistan, started virtually from a scratch on 14 Augustin the face of heavy odds.

Afficher la suite. In addition, campaign and c … ommemorative medals for special occasions are instituted as and when necessary, Awards issued prior to 15 Augustwill be governed by the rules applicable to them. Operational Awards These comprise: Nishan-i-Haider. Conferment of Operation Awards These awards are conferrable on living persons and also posthumously on those killed whilst performing gallant act or who die subsequent to performing such acts for which had they lived, they would have been eligible for the award.

The qualifications and conditions for each award are given in the subsequent rules. Nishan-i-Haider Eligibility Only those members of the Armed Forces, the Frontier Corps and the Frontier Constabulary when serving under the Federal Government, who have performed acts of greatest heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger, and have shown bravery of the highest order, or devotion to the country in the presence of the enemy on land, at sea or in the air, shall be eligible for this award.

This award is conferrable on all ranks. Tamgha-i-Khidmat Class I.

Conferment All non-operational awards referred to in Ruleexcept Sitara-i-Basalat and Tamgha-i-Basalat, are not conferrable posthumously. The conditions for each award are given in the subsequent rules. Sitara-i-Basalat and Tamgha-i-Basalat are conferrable to members of the three Armed Services, the Frontier Corps, the Frontier Constabulary and the Pakistan Rangers when serving under the Federal government for acts of valour, courage and devotion to duty, though not on active operations against the enemy.

Sport in the Army owes a great deal to this officer. In athletics it has always reigned supreme. Army athletes hold all the National athletic records and improve on them every year. Subedar Muhammad Iqbal and Jemadar Jalal Khan have held the British Commonwealth and Empire records for the hammer-throw and javelin-throw respectively, 50, spectators at the White City Stadium in London stood up and applauded the stylish and handsome Muhammad Iqbal for three minutes for his record-breaking throw in a friendly competition in Of the twelve athletes selected to take part in the Olympic Games ineleven belonged to the Army.

Since the start of the National Hockey Championship, the Army has won twice and has been runner-up on three occasions. The Army is the chief patron of boxing in the country and has won the last four National Championships. Out of the five boxers who formed the Pakistani team to the Asian Games in Tokyo infour were army men, three of whom won medals.

The four boxers, selected after a long and arduous training to represent Pakistan in the Olympics at Rome, were all soldiers; three were serving and one was ex-serviceman.

The army also leads the country in swimming, diving and water polo, and holds all the National swimming records. The seven-men National swimming team which participated in the Asian Games in Tokyo inconsisted entirely of Army men. The Army is also prominent in other games such as football, basket ball, boat rides perkins cove me and gymnastics. This trophy was the personal donation of the Father of the Nation to be awarded to the service or province giving the best overall performances and displaying the best sportsmanship at all the games included in the National Olympic Championships.

The Army is making rapid progress in mountaineering knowledge and technique, and a cadre of experienced mountaineers is gradually being formed. About six foreign mountaineering expeditions visit the Karadoram each year, and the Army details a liaison officer to assist each one.

In the past two years, however, several foreign mountaineering expeditions have taken with them some of our army officers as full-fledged climbing members.

Rizvi of the Armoured Corps reached a height of 22, feet. In the same year the British-Pakistan Forces Himlayan Expedition to Rakaposhi 25, feet took two Pakistani army officers as climbing members and Captain Muhammad Shah Khan of the Gilgit Scouts reached the topmost camp, only to be prevented by sickness from making the final assault on the summit. Finally, in JulyCaptain Raja Javed Akhtar with two other officers accompanied the American mountaineering expedition to Masherbrum 25, feet Captain Akhtar reached the summit with Mr.

Nicholas B. Clinch, the leader of the expedition. This was a notable achievement, being the first time that a Pakistani had reached the summit of a major peak. It provides expert coaching for civilian sportsmen and offers them training-camp facilities annually.


It also guides and helps the Pakistan Sports Control Board in organizing major national and international sporting events. The universities and colleges can, and do, share the services of army experts.

Organisme gouvernemental.