Botox versus face lift

Eyebrow lift or botox

My family and friends have been amazed with the results. It is natural and she knows how to create just enough eye lift to give you that refreshed look. I feel better knowing she is an experienced RN and I want someone I can trust when it comes to my face.

She keeps me youthful looking without changing my appearance. Karen B. DeWayne R. Foona P. Lee E. Monica F. Accéder directement au contenu. Hosted by Karen B. Groupe public? Détails Curious about modern cosmetic medical procedures, including Botox injections, dermal fillers, cosmetic plastic surgery and various laser treatments?

Participants Facial injections are growing in popularity and present a number of advantages. Of course, the most interesting is that they quickly reduce the signs of aging by filling in wrinkles and folds, plumping up sunken scars or other areas of the face without any surgery or incision.

Recovery time is, therefore, quite short, and swelling and bruising are minimal.

How long the results last depends on the product used. Botox and fillers are among the numerous products used. Fat injections are also done. Duclos will recommend the product most appropriate for you. She may also suggest combining Botox with a filler.

Botox can help relax the wrinkle while the filler can plump it up and smooth it out. Surgery may also be suggested, sometimes in combination with Botox or a filler; but not always.

These are implants that work well as fillers for cheeks and lips and have the advantage of coming from your own body. In fact, transplanting fat is risky and in general, many sessions are required spaced out between four and six months in order to obtain the desired correction and look.

In addition to transplanting fat from your own body, there are many filler products offered on the market.