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It was a very informative newsletter to which he gave the same high efforts as he did to building and flying model airplanes. Dan always called a spade a spade. His pithy Irish humour was permeated throughout the pages. Free flight modelling has lost a good friend and a fine competitor that influenced many over his long modelling career. His support and willingness to help newcomers will be remembered.

Il se mesurait souvent aux autres et avec beaucoup de succès au plus important rassemblement de cette discipline au monde, le United States Indoor Championships.

Dan était toujours très franc. Son humour irlandais caractéristique était imprégné dans chacune des pages. Le vol libre a perdu un bon ami et un concurrent de calibre relevé qui a influencé bien des personnes au cours de sa carrière en modélisme. As a youngster, he was a star diver at Oakwood Collegiate and was always fascinated by flight. He served in the Cadets and then went into the Reserves rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel eventually becoming the commanding officer of Squadron.

University educated, he had his own business in heating and air conditioning, before working in the financial sector. Throughout his working life, and into retirement, his passion for model aircraft, curling and golf never wavered. He was always a loving and devoted father to his daughter Larissa, who inherited his love of science and engineering. Wally was a born leader. There were always several models in various stages of construction in his home.

He built what he flew. It was over a decade ago that Wally became aware of the cancer that would claim his life.

He knew he had ten years and prepared himself. As the time passed and his condition deteriorated, his attitude remained rational and strong. He never complained.

He did what had to be done. To the end, he was gracious and courageous. Wally était un leader né. Il pilotait des maquettes motorisées et des planeurs télécommandés et il a fait partie du C. Plusieurs maquettes étaient constemment en diverses étapes de construction chez lui. Même lorsque le temps passait et que son état se détériorait, il affichait une attitude zumba fitness pour perdre du ventre laxatif rationnelle que forte.

Il ne se plaignait jamais. Cotisation annuelle non remboursable. Comment avez-vous connu MAAC? The crest is available in limited quantities and for a limited time while supplies last. I understand that engaging in air modeling activities may be dangerous.

I have read and will abide by the rules and regulations that have been established, or will in future be established, by the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada. Where the two codes are in disagreement, the more stringent of the two shall apply. I will use only approved United States frequencies for radio control aircraft while flying in the 50 United States. If C paying Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

But in Zone A, we are far from taking to the skies. Many clubs do not have access to their fields as the snow is still very much blocking the entrance. As the indoor season is winding down, I wonder how many of us spend the time building and repairing our indoor models, leaving the bigger projects off to one side or how many of us turn to ARFs?

I would like to remind all members that you can get a free year of MAAC membership by just signing up three new members. This can help increase our membership as it has been steadily falling over the past years. Not only have the advancements in indoor modelling helped to get members to renew earlier, they have also brought in new members. While there have been many reports of indoor flying, the Calgary Indoor Flyers changed things up a while ago by hosting a Free Flight Night.

This event went over very successfully and fun was had by all. We RCers can learn a lot about trimming an aircraft from the free-flighters. It took the guys one or two tries and they had the gym sized up for their models; it was nice to see a different discipline. Craig had total control of the bird for the entire time it was in the air.

We had to get the heating and ventilation system shut down when they tried to fly 3. These airplanes are very sensitive to air movement and were being thrown all over the place. There are ten clubs in the area and a number of the presidents were meeting for the first time. This gave me an opportunity to provide information about the new insurance change and also to bring the clubs up date on their responsibilities. I will be having a similar meeting with clubs in the Edmonton and Red Deer areas.

A small price to pay as with a successful surgery, I am hoping to be throwing away the cane!

Mv biplane rides edmonton

This is a wrap for this month. I will have a short report of the AGM next time. Craig a contrôlé sa machine au cours de toutes les étapes de vol. Nous avons dû faire fermer le chauffage et la ventilation au moment où les modélistes ont fait voler des Penny Planes de 3,5 grammes. Nous comptons dix clubs dans les environs et plusieurs dirigeants se rencontraient pour la première fois.

Mais au sein de la zone A, nous ne ferons pas évoluer nos maquettes dans le ciel de sitôt. Cela contribuera à augmenter notre membership puisque celui-ci est en déclin depuis quelques années.

I hope that all your winter projects are ready, or at least almost ready, for the coming flying season that appears to be very busy. With that said, make sure that the airframe, electronics, batteries and engines are all in top shape and secure to help prevent losing the aircraft on the first flight of the season.

Last year was a very good with a huge increase in membership. There are probably many reasons why we have such an increase in membership, such as indoor flying, easier regulation to be able to fly in different locations, electric power, foam planes, almost ready to fly planes and the new technology in engines and with the blessing the 2. ARFs and much of the technology are some of the big differences from when I came into the hobby.

When I started, you had to let the glue dry before you could add another piece to the puzzle and radio installations were a challenge as they did not even have servo reversing or dual rates.

Clubs are and can be very effective in attracting new members, either at their field or at indoor events or at any other activities by welcoming and talking to the visitors; they could be your next club member in the future. The indoor event at the Moncton Coliseum on February 5 was a huge success with over 50 registered pilots flying heli- copter or foam planes in two huge halls; it all started early in the morning until the early part of the evening.

There was a swap shop and a canteen which was open all day. It looks like there will be a repeat for next year. The South West Flyers had their display and information session at the Yarmouth Mall last February 25 and everything went smoothly and the display was enjoyed by all. On a closing note, just a reminder that it would be a good idea to support our local hobby shops. Without them, many of us may not have got into the hobby.

See you there! Les clubs sont et peuvent être très efficaces à attirer de nouveaux membres, que ce soit au terrain de vol ou lors de rassemblements de vol intérieur ou lors de toute autre activité. Il y a eu une vente-échange swap shop et une cantine tout au long de la journée. Tous ont apprécié ce qui était présenté. Au plaisir de vous y voir! Ceci dit, assurez-vous que la cellule, les composantes électroniques, les piles et les moteurs sont tous en bon ordre et bien installés afin de prévenir la perte de votre maquette lors du premier vol.

Certains modélistes sont déménagés au sein de la zone Atlantique en provenance des autres zones et vice-versa. Some 57 pilots registered for the weekend, and 13 entered competition. Four rounds of flying were held on Saturday as well as two rounds of freestyle. These were considered Canadian championships as nothing of this type has been done previously.

Bill Cousins of Skyrangers looked after the Vapor and small heli trials, giving children young and old a chance to get their hands on the sticks.

The eFly does a great job of bringing the clubs together in the spirit of camaraderie and sharing the love of flying while introducing RC to more people each year. Keep in mind that a lot of new potential pilots will first come out for a casual visit to our clubs. Gardez aussi en tête que plusieurs pilotes potentiels viendront faire un tour dans nos clubs. Quelque 57 pilotes se sont inscrits pour la fin de semaine et 13 se sont inscrits à titre de concurrents.

Quatre rondes de vol ont été accomplies le samedi, de même que deux rondes de style libre. Cet événement était organisé en collaboration avec les trois clubs reconnus de Kamloops : les High Country Flyers, les Kamloops Model Airplane Society et les Skyrangers. MAC McClellan, is a mirror of what is occurring to our organization and hobby.

The questions are: who should be doing the active recruiting -- the club, the zone, the national organization? Which demographic should be primarily courted cellulitis face dental potential new recruits — kids, teenagers, young adults, mid-life people, or retirees?

It is the norm for family and workforce people to shelf their aviation activities. Bringing on a new member in his or her 50s or el regimen feudal carece de estados nacionales, gives our favourite activity a person at the stage in life where they are ready with the time and money to become involved immediately.

The Silver Eagles? The Gray Eagles? Heck, even the Bald Eagles. Baby boomers are ready to learn a new and fulfilling hobby. Fun Fly events and mall shows are the opportunity to showcase our hobby. The future is all up to each of us. MAC McClellan, répète presque textuellement ce qui se passe au sein de notre organisme et passe-temps. Quels représentants démographiques devraient être courtisés à titre de nouvelles recrues -- les enfants, les adolescents, les jeunes adultes, les gens en milieu de vie ou les retraités?

Il est très normal que la population sur le marché du travail ou qui élève une famille mettent leurs activités de vol télécommandé en veilleuse. Les appellera-t-on Silver Eagles? Gray Eagles?

The gate fee will be donated to a local charity which makes the event a winner all around. Then we have the KW Flying Dutchmen with their great event. This is always well run and they even had the opportunity to be in the Canadian section of Model Airplane News!

It has been over 40 years now and counting. The SOMA event is on again for the 7th year. This event raises money for local charities and we have opted to donate the entire proceeds to the McMaster Children Hospital.

The event will be run at the Stoney Creek airfield and it looks to be the best one yet! The grass strip and the asphalt runway will be available for the event so all can fly! Electrics, gas, glow and JETS! The event is also partly sponsored by the EAA Chapter 65, one of the tenants of the airport. There are plans for a static display of full-size aircraft. Please have a look and plan to attend or call the Chairman.

Keep watching for updates! Please check out your local events. All events perdre 10 kg ww are set up by the clubs are indeed very important to the hosting clubs and they are very keen on having a good event and proud of their hobby.

To add a little pizzazz to my report, please review the picture that is included. Send your guesses to me at zd-e maac. At the end of the year, the winners from each puzzle will be put into a draw for a trainer and that trainer will be pre- sented to their respective club for their training program. Draw will be at the AZM, Please include your name, current MAAC number and telephone number when submitting. Sorry, Middle E Zone only! Celui-ci a attiré des visiteurs de plusieurs localités et je vous dirais que si vous décidez de venir, un magasin de passe-temps se trouve non loin!

Vient ensuite le rassemblement des KW Flying Dutchmen, à ne pas manquer. Il est produit minceur gelule solaire bien organisé et ils ont fait la manchette dans les pages de la revue Model Airplane News! Les membres en sont rendus à la 40e édition et ça se poursuit.

Surveillez les mises à jour! Vérifiez aussi vos événements qui se déroulent localement. Les premiers cinq membres de la zone Milieu qui arrivent à deviner quelle est la marque du moteur, le modèle et sa cylindrée recevront une casquette du MAAC qui vient de notre collection MAAC wear. Veuillez inclure votre nom, numéro de MAAC et numéro de téléphone lorsque vous soumettez votre réponse. Désolé : cette offre ne vaut que pour les membres de la zone Milieu E!

Every zone has its hardcore members, the ones who have been in the hobby since childhood, have always been there for others, and have contributed to the hobby continuously for many years. The Northern Ontario zone has its share of those members. Once in a while, we will introduce one of these people.

His Hercules hung in the Leisure World ceiling in Sudbury for years. Harry continues to play a major role in his club.

Eaa biplane rides

If you want news to get to the zone members, then it is better to send Harry first, then Harry makes sure it is distributed to all the key personnel in the zone. Everything goes to Harry, Harry sends to everyone. Son Hercules a longtemps été suspendu au plafond du commerce Leisure World, à Sudbury.

Son fils Steve est aussi actif au sein du passe-temps; tel père, tel fils. Harry joue toujours un rôle de premier plan au sein du Club. Dans la zone, il sert de facteur. Tout passe par Harry parce que Harry envoie ça à tout le monde. Chaque zone compte des membres endurcis, des modélistes qui ont énormément contribué au passe-temps tout au long des années.

La zone Nord Ontario compte sa part de tels personnages. It did not go unnoticed. I was sorry to hear that the Victoria Biggest Little Air show will not be going ahead this year, but after chatting with the people involved, I understand why.

The good news is this is NOT a permanent situation. The planning for next year is already underway. They have a nice field, and a great bunch of fellows who have done a tremendous amount of work to make this field go from a dream to reality.

Great job. Event date is May Congratulations on creating a really nice facility. Slip on by and have a peek. There was a noticeable increase in the interest towards indoor flying this year and attendance at these events was really encouraging. Flying fields We already have inquiries regarding sanctioning fields from two prospective clubs. If so, it will be the result of the extraordinary involvement of our assistant zone directors. This year, it will be on the mainland side of the zone, and as close to the Ferry Terminal as possible.

Regarding shirts and hats MAACnext time you see either myself, Bill, or an assistant at your field, hit us up for one… Until we meet at the field, keep safe, make sure you land with the wheels on the bottom side. Vos efforts ont été remarqués. En fait, la planification est déjà en cours.

Les pilotes du Club Spectrum de Cloverdale organisent leur premier événement cette année, le Pattern in the City, le 21 mai.

Le club possède un beau terModel Aviation Canada rain et un groupe sensationnel de gars ont abattu une quantité appréciable de travail afin de faire en sorte que ce terrain passe du rêve à la réalité. Beau travail! Souvenez-vous de la date du rassemblement : le 21 mai. Bien sûr, le rassemblement Fly-in pour maquettes électriques se prépare à Chilliwack du 27 au 30 mai.

Venez tôt Terrains de vol Nous avons déjà commencé à recevoir des demandes afin de faire approuver des terrains de la part de deux clubs en devenir. En ce qui concerne les gilets et les chapeaux du MAAC, la prochaine fois que vous me rencontrerez ou que vous verrez Bill ou tout autre assistant à votre terrain, demandez-nous en Le vol intérieur est une très belle façon de recruter des nouveaux adeptes du vol télécommandé, surtout pour les gens qui veulent respecter leur budget.

Au plaisir de se revoir sur les pistes cet été. This is good news. Modelers may now enjoy their hobby throughout the year instead of flying their planes in the summer and building in the winter. This is bound to change many habits. This winter activity has allowed our club to add over 25 members. For more information, please check our website at www. Please note our annual float event, Aéroflotteswill be held June Indoor flying is a wonderful way to recruit new RC enthusiasts, including those who fly on a budget.

I look forward to seeing you at the field this summer. Depuis deux ou trois ans, une légère diminution des membres a été constatée. Il nous faut aussi nous concentrer sur la rentabilité de votre association. Beaucoup de travail en vue. Ceci est une très bonne nouvelle.

Les aéromodélistes peuvent ainsi pratiquer le hobby sur 12 mois au lieu de voler en été et de construire en hiver. Cela va changer beaucoup les habitudes des membres en général. The order of the day this year will be to find solutions so as to keep and increase the number of members within our hobby in Canada. A decrease has been noted in the last two to three years. We will also have to concentrate on making our association profitable. A lot of work is in store.

This is encouraging. Keep up the good work. Renewing your club affiliation is important for a number of reasons. In fact we had a very successful newspaper article in the suburban newspaper with more than 15 people following up with inquiries. The publicity was really helpful in generating interest from new and prospective members. More details will follow in the next MAAC publication.

For more information, we encourage you to visit the events section of the MAAC website. Back Page Letters or comments? Email anthony thesuburban. Once your event is sanctioned we can post it to the events section of the website and also publish it in the upcoming issues of the MAC Magazine.

Poursuivez le bon travail. Le renouvellement de votre affiliation de club est important, et ce, pour quelques raisons. Vol intérieur Cet hiver, plusieurs clubs ont présenté des séances de vol intérieur qui ont remporté beaucoup de succès, notamment les clubs de Napierville et WIMAC.

En fait, un article a paru dans un journal urbain, ce qui a entraîné des communications Model Aviation Canada MAC Articles If you have an event or some ideas you want to share, please write articles for our MAC Magazine. We need input from all clubs and members from across the country and our zone.

Hobbyists used the winter months to build and repair their aircraft, and flew their beloved creations the rest of the year. But times have changed. The year-old has always sized airplane. Add the required radio equipment and engines and, compared to today, construction was relatively expensive and took months of work. The radio controls have also changed over the years. Traditionally, each radio had a set frequency and if two controllers inadvertently used the same freRobert Longtin, Steve Woloz and Mick Forey take a break during a recent indoor flying session at Collège quency, a crash could occur.

And you can spend form more complex manoeuvres. I micro-copters to larger three- whatever you wish thousands Since the typical session sees 20found WIMAAC on their website foot rotor machines. Forey even for the big ones. Vous pourrez consulter de plus amples détails dans le prochain numéro de Model Aviation Canada. Si vous voulez en savoir davantage, nous vous encourageons à vous rendre à la section des événements à venir du site Web du MAAC.

Nous avons besoin de matériel et de réactions de la part de tous les clubs et membres non seulement au sein de la zone, mais en provenance de tout le pays. This is one heck of a great event with lots of fun, camaraderie and overall friendship. This year, it will be in Saskatoon on July 16 with two days of fun on the schedule.

They do have some non-serviced camping spots available. This will be their 40th anniversary and knowing the fellas in Saskatoon, this could be a very interesting bash. This event was hosted last year by the Regina Windy Flyers. It entertained a large crowd of people and the community of Wolseley has invited us back this year. All flyers are welcome to participate and bring their families for an enjoyable weekend. There are many family-oriented events rides visage dota jeux activities.

For more info, contact Heinz Pantel at I was there last year and I must say we had a great time, and yes we got rained on, just a little, but we still had a good time. For those who are wondering what your zone director is up to. Well, the old fool had gone back to work last fall. What a shame.

This model was meticulously crafted. Now that regime alimentaire pour lymphoedeme be a great match. The overall weight should be around 45 lbs lbs, give or take a pound. So, if there has been very little communication from me, now you understand why. Right now, we are slowly getting ready for the AGM and I am thinking about getting ready for my tour to the clubs that I had not visited in In closing, I wish everyone a great summer, great flying and most importantly, be safe and look out for your fellow flyer.

Do you have any pictures? Tell us about your build, your project. Others would like to know what projects are happening around our province. I know I would be interested. Cette année, celui-ci se déroulera à Saskatoon le 16 juillet, et ce, pendant deux jours.

Des terrains de camping sans services sont disponibles. Ce sera leur 40e anniversaire et comme je connais ces gars-là à Saskatoon, ce seront des retrouvailles très intéressantes. La communauté y a assisté en grand nombre et Wolseley nous y a invités une fois de plus.

Tous les pilotes sont les bienvenus et ils peuvent emmener leur famille respective pour toute la fin de semaine. Plusieurs événements ont été songés en fonction de la famille. Pour de plus amples renseignements, communiquez avec moi Heinz Pantel au Oui, la pluie nous est tombée dessus mais nous avons passé de bons moments.

Pour obtenir des renseignements, rendez-vous à la section des événements à venir du site Web du MAAC ou communiquez avec Glen Chase au In addition, a special thank you goes to Dennis DuBois, an Assistant Zone Director who is responsible for developing a plan to contact clubs in the zone.

Each of the assistants will visit a number of clubs in the vicinity of their home this year. The team is a terrific group of dedicated MAAC members and best of all, they are approachable. They are also eager to establish personal contact with each of the 44 registered clubs in the South East Zone. Now, it is that special time of year for members lucky enough to have a new model to check it out for the first time.

Maiden flights can be challenging; always complete a thorough preflight inspection of everything and have someone with you. Announce your intention to maiden your model and fly safely again this year. First up, it was combined with a special meeting to elect a Deputy Zone Director. Bill was serving as an Assistant Zone Director and ready to go in his new role as Deputy. Bill is also going to be working closely with the other four assistants.

The workshop included presentations from four Assistant Zone Directors. Son mandat est de deux ans et il entend rehausser le profil du MAAC au sein de la zone et participer aux rassemblements. Bill travaillera de près avec les quatre autres assistants. Chacun des assistants visitera un certain nombre de clubs dans les environs de son domicile, cette année. Ils ont aussi bien hâte de tisser des liens avec chacun des 44 clubs inscrits au sein de la zone. Ces vol inauguraux comportent leur part de défis; veuillez procéder à une inspection prévol très complète et ne pilotez pas seul.

Annoncez vos intentions de faire décoller votre maquette pour la première fois et pilotez en toute sécurité encore une fois cette année. The course was dezd-m maac.

One option zine makes me long for warm afternoons shown to them is involving themselves to fly. Many events have been planned in hobbies such as ours. Approximately around the zone for your enjoyment.

All 3, students pass through our booth you need to do is pack up your planes and throughout the event. Club member Tom Wil- vices in Essex County. This will be a two-day event some of our dedicated members, were large display of model aircraft and exand is always very well organised by Aninstrumental in getting the club involved plain the joys and skills inherent in buildgus McDonald.

Mark your calendars for in this program. Check the Southern RC Flyers event section for more are proud to be indetails, we are Southvolved with our comwest, zone M. Frank Klenk Zone Director tact for updates on George. I encourage clubs to be more visible in their community and to get involved in local community activities. Not only does this help people in your community but it also lets others know you exist as a club. Plusieurs événements ont été planifiés au sein de la zone afin que vous puissiez vous amuser.

Il semble bien que le premier événement aura lieu au terrain des Forest Lakeside Flyers, le 28 mai prochain. Il y aura plusieurs rassemblements en juin alors que les clubs de Forest City, Saugeen Flyers, Tillsonburg et Stratford organisent quelque chose.

Le rassemblement par excellence pour les jets sera celui des Wingham Jets, cette saison. Inscrivez le 11 juin à votre calendrier; je crois que vous aimerez votre sortie. One applicant per form s. Écrire clairement. Ne pas détacher. Un candidat par formulaire. Sign 3 Fly Free Sign three new open members before Dec. Charlie Welkie and Gregg Lewarne kept the event going and it increased in popularity over the years with pilots registered in In the mids, the original organizers decided they had had enough and looked for others to take it over.

Inthe event attracted 90 pilots travelling from B. Upwards of airplanes lined the beach over the six-day event. The airplanes ranged from small park flyers on floats up to a foot monster creation with a huge variety of scale and sport planes in between.

Beach in both sport and scale categories. The flying starts at AM every day and goes until dark with a complimentary corn roast on the Saturday evening. The gaining popularity of the 2. At the conclusion of the event on Sunday, the winners of the raffle prizes are drawn and awards presented. Professional photographers Beverly Hudson and Sam Jay were at the event and took over excellent photographs over the week, which can be seen on their website www.

Le Cessna envergure de 44 pouces de Sam Jay sur le point de se déplacer. Après le décès de Doug, Rick Thornburn a ravivé le rassemblement au centre de villégiature de Crystal Waters, sur le lac Kalamalka en Plus de maquettes étaient alignées sur la plage au cours des six jours du rassemblement.

On ne peut parler du Fall Classic sans mentionner Ted Russell. À gauche : le Beaver de Dick Parkes en plein vol. En fin de rassemblement le dimanche, les gagnants des prix de tirages sont pigés au hasard et les prix sont remis. Les photographes professionnels Beverly Hudson et Sam Jay étaient sur place au rassemblement et ils ont pris plus de clichés fantastiques au cours de la fin de semaine, ce que vous pouvez visionner à leur site Web www.

There are still many more items to attend to, which will keep us fully occupied in the coming months. They are the best one could hope to obtain. These will enhance our collection greatly and allow us to consign many of the magazines which they replace to the surplus stock. Then what do we do with the surplus? I think the best we can do is to make them available to our members at a reasonable price, which will allow us to recover some of the not inconsiderable cost of acquiring the magazines.

We shall keep you informed of our decisions in later reports. One of more regular contributors, Raymond Gareau of Laval Québechas provided some additional material to add to his previous contributions to the Ben Tarnofsky fond, the contents of which were mostly provided by Ray over the years.

It also includes several other items on Tarnofsky which were found in model magazines over the years. We would also like to establish fonds collections of artifacts, clippings, notes, photographs, etc.

Please give this some thought and, if possible, provide material which could let us begin one. One I can think of is a collection of photos, clippings, etc. The same applies to the Winnipeg region and to Saskatchewan, just to name few. And now Gareau a déjà fourni au fil des ans. Tarnofsky ont été trouvées dans des revues, ces dernières années. Si vous avez quelque matériel que ce soit relativement aux activités de modélisme de M. Tarnofsky, des photos, des découpures de journal, des annonces publictaires, nous aimerions les ajouter à la collection.

Veuillez me faire part de vos commentaires et, si possible, me fournir du matériel qui pourrait nous permettre de lancer un tel projet. Et maintenant, de retour aux publications. Ceux-ci sont de beaux ajouts à notre collection et ils nous permettront de consigner des numéros identiques mais en moins bon état au surplus. Que faire ensuite de ces numéros excédentaires?

Nous vous informerons de ce qui est décidé. CD: Arend Borst avborst shaw. May - 31 Insurance Larry Rousselle Chair larryrou shaw. Both involved only property damage and were totally paid by MAAC so that our excellent insurance record remains intact. Both claims were promptly reported, which greatly helped expedite matters. A short summary of each incident follows.

The first incident occurred on Aug. On lift-off the approx. While there was extensive damage to the model, it was thought that the right wing flap and aileron extensions may have been improperly connected when the wing was reinstalled just prior to launch.

It appears that the lesson we can learn from this is to do a complete control surface operation check along with the range check just prior to launch. In this case, a complete control surface and range check was likely done initially on the bench. A problem was noted and the wing was then detached to correct a pinched brake airline issue and the possible incorrect servo connections were not noticed when a quick on-runway control surface check was done on the runway just before launch.

Even very experienced pilots can make basic mistakes. The second incident occurred on Sept. While the exact cause is not known, it appears that it was related to one or more of impaired vision due to bright sunlight, a mostly blue and white color scheme, possible depth perception issues as well as site layout problems not conducive for the type of event. The model disappeared from view while making the left crosswind turn in preparation for the turn to final.

It was then seen again briefly but not in time to get orientation and the model was lost. Le pilote a remarqué un problème de conduite pneumatique des freins et il a retiré les ailes afin de corriger le tout. Même les pilotes très expérimentés peuvent commettre des erreurs banales.

La maquette est disparue de la vision du pilote en tournant sur le tracé vent de travers avant de tourner en finale. On peut tirer des leçons de cet incident. Toutes deux impliquaient que des dommages matériels et ont été entièrement payées par le MAAC, de sorte à ce que notre feuille de route du côté des assurances ne soit pas entachée. Le coût total au MAAC a été de 9 Les deux réclamations ont été rapportées au siège très vite, ce qui a aidé à effectuer les démarches nécessaires.

Voici un court résumé des incidents en question. Il semble donc que nous avons une leçon à apprendre de tout cela : procédez 32 - May Model Aviation Canada Public Relations Roy Rymer L Chair maac niagaracomposites. Public Relations the association and clubs need; and we are hungry for it! One agenda item is our website. A new vibrant website is forthcoming for the use of the members and to encourage new memberships. It will better serve the membership for their current needs and be inviting and contagious.

The beauty is that a member can order a single item at a great price without paying set-up fees on a small order. The new fly-maac number directly linked to the MAAC office is another initiative that should bring obvious benefits. Since MAAC is a national organization, this number serves the community at large. This allows the MAAC office to be more in tune to the needs of its members. Since we can easily add new forms to a master CD or DVD, we also patch minceur revolutionnaire costs down as they will be included at no additional cost to the membership each year.

Since we have it on hand, we will be able to produce DVD video collections of the activities at various Canadian clubs. The PR committee will be looking for 10 minutes from each zone and all of these will be reviewed.

From these, a DVD will be developed and sent out to each club in the fall showing the events of Public Relations can take on a wide range of forms. If you have some ideas that have worked, or you think would work well for MAAC, send them to me at any time. I will personally review all this information and see how we can incorporate it for the benefit of the organization.

Have a great flying season! Plusieurs sujets ont été soulevés et projets mis en branle et à compter de maintenant, plusieurs nouvelles idées ont été avancées pour le bénéfice des relations publiques et de nos membres. Il servira mieux les besoins des membres et sera plus invitant, voire contagieux. Puisque le MAAC est un organisme national, ce numéro sert à tous les membres. Notre personnel connaît ainsi mieux les besoins de ses membres. Histoire de faciliter la fabrication des disques de trousses pour les clubs, nous avons acheté un graveur de DVD de calibre commercial et nous le gardons au siège du MAAC.

Le Comité des relations publiques visionnera des extraits de dix minutes en provenance de chaque zone et tous les extraits qui nous seront envoyés seront examinés. Veuillez planifier une apparition sur le DVD. Les relations publiques peuvent prendre plusieurs formes. Si vous avez des idées qui ont fonctionné chez vous ou qui pourraient fonctionner pour le MAAC, envoyez-les moi en tout temps.

Merci et bonne saison de vol! With the sunshine comes the time to check over our equipment so that our summer has the best chance of enjoyable flights instead of another rebuild.

While checking over your plane, have you given consideration to making it quieter? Would a new prop run quieter but still give suitable performance? Perhaps some strategically placed foam would help subdue resonant vibrations in the fuselage? These and other ideas may contribute to a quieter plane. As fliers, we sometimes forget that our neighbours endure the noise of our aircraft all day long while we take our three flights and wander off home. Our engines may be music to our ears, but not necessarily to them.

Thus the reason for prudent noise control at our club flying sites or anywhere else we fly. It is too easy in this day and age to be banned because someone complained of the noise. Quiet does it! Vérifiez la section des événements à venir dans la zone M Southwest. George est un ancien directeur de zone Sud-ouest et plusieurs le connaissent très bien. Nous avons hâte de vous revoir au terrain, George! Tony Paladino est la personne ressource avec qui communiquer si vous voulez des nouvelles sur son état de santé.

Pendant que vous vérifiez votre maquette, avez-vous songé à la rendre plus silencieuse? Peutêtre que de la mousse placée stratégiquement réduirait les vibrations dans votre fuselage? Ces idées pourraient rendre votre maquette plus silencieuse. À titre de pilotes, nous oublions parfois que nos voisins endurent le bruit de nos maquettes tout au long de la journée alors que nous avons nous-mêmes terminé nos trois vols avant de retourner à domicile.

Les moteurs peuvent être de la musique à nos oreilles, mais pas nécessairement pour ces voisins. Environ 3 élèves passent devant notre kiosque tout au long de cette rencontre. Une période de questions et réponses suit habituellement. Each year, some of our members forget to be extra careful and suffer some injuries to their fingers or hands. In most cases, this results in just applying a Band-Aid but some require stitches and surgery.

I am urging members to be cautious this year. So, a few reminders are in order. Do not reach over the prop to make an adjustment, get behind it and keep yourself and others out of the prop arc. All props are sharp and can cut you. If you use gasoline, then consider investing in a fire extinguisher. When charging Li-Po batteries, please put them on a non-flammable surface, preferably outdoors and transport them in a non-flammable case. They can catch fire and this has happened!

Check that all surfaces are working properly before takeoff. Check that your prop is still tight and surfaces still tight before starting up. Last, but not least, check those bat- teries that have been sitting all winter. Along with flying larger and larger gas- and electric-powered aircraft comes a greater potential to injure yourself. Take a friend or buddy with you when flying.

Annuellement, quelques-uns de nos membres oublient de faire très attention et subissent des blessures aux doigts ou aux mains. Utilisez un gant ou un bâtonnet chicken stick si vous faites démarrer un moteur mais particulièrement les moteurs à essence conventionnelle. Ne négligez jamais la vérification de la portée range check de votre émetteur.

Assurez-vous que votre hélice est bien vissée et que les surfaces sont encore bien solidement ancrées avant de faire démarrer votre maquette. Vous faites voler des maquettes à essence ou électriques plus grosses? Amenez un ami lorsque vous partez en direction du terrain de vol. Demeurez aux aguets et amusonsnous tout en passant une année en toute sécurité.

Vous retirerez beaucoup de satisfaction de transmettre votre savoir. For a proper FPV platform, an ideal airplane is one that has a pusher prop so the propeller blades are not showing up in the photos or videos.

Another airplane alternative is with a twin and wing mounted motors, the camera can be in the center of the airplane on top of the wing, in the cockpit or mounted on the nose. The other platforms are quad copters such as the Gaui X. New Generation Hobbies from Toronto is a recognized worldwide supplier of great FPV products including the Mikrokopter line of quad and higher copters. The Quad copter and higher line of flying platforms are equipped with amazing flight stabilization equipment, and camera-levelling gear to obtain great video and photos taken from the air.

In the commercial line diminuer volume cheveux frisés paris products, check out Dragon Fly prod- ucts. I have attached a photo of the items used for FPV. The Go-Pro line of sports cameras includes a camera for taking high definition video or photos.

These cameras have excellent installed image stabilization electronics for clear crisp videos and photos. They also have memory cards for recording and are also capable of transmitting the video and audio in real-time. The airplane in the photo is equipped with a small colour camera that is linked to the radio transmitter. The signal is then transmitted to a ground-based receiver, and then distributed to your video goggles and a recording device such as a H.

There are lots of variations of set-ups and FPV is improving and changing rapidly. Remember: if you decide to fly using the video goggles, you must be linked to a buddy box. Encore une solution : les hélicoptères quad comme le Gaui X.

Les appareils photo de marque Go-Pro sport incluent une caméra photo et vidéo à haute définition. So, I would bike over to the local hobby shop, St. Clair Hobbies, with my allowance jingling in my pocket. In those days,the whole thing came to about ninety-four cents. Then I would sit down at a bridge table after school and proceed to make a mess. Sound familiar? I remember that it took me at least a week to finish the plane to a point where it was ready to fly.

The first attempt was a failure because the plane tried to fly backwards. On the next attempt, I wound the propeller in the correct direction, and was happy to see the plane pull ahead and actually fly on its own for about thirty feet. Each successive attempt went further. Then I over- wound it and the body collapsed like an accordion.

Today ,of course, things are different. When I opened the box, voila! There it was, my plane already built and painted, radio installed and inclduing a transmitter with batteries and charger.

Just charge up the batteries, install same and fly. Living in Ontario, I will have to wait for a break in the weather or put skis on the plane. However, I also bought a Flight Simulator. So now, instead of spending time building, I sit at the computer and practise my flying. Instead of spending ninety-four cents, I only spent about three hundred dollars. And only sixty—two years later. What a difference! There is a place somewhere between ninety-four cents and three hundred dollars that you can start at.

Whether your interests lie in jets or helicopters, it is always sensible to start at the inexpensive trainer level, a point where you can handle the expense and the operation of the aircraft. They will all be happy to guide you. After all, this is how they started. Si bien que je partais en vélo en direction du magasin de passetemps local, St. Clair Hobbies, mon allocation au fond de ma poche.

À cette époque, encet ensemble coûtait environ 94 cents. Ça vous rappelle vos propres débuts? Je ne pouvais mener les tests en vol sans la munir de son élastique et de son hélice, si bien que je devais attendre au dimanche. Quelque 62 années plus tard Quelle différence! Que vous vouliez faire voler des maquettes télécommandées, du vol libre ou du vol circulaire, Il y a toujours un point de départ envisageable.

Si le prix vous semble trop élevé ou que vous ne savez tout simplement pas où commencer, parlez à vos amis, membres du club ou au commerçant du magasin de passe-temps. Ils se feront un plaisir de vous guider dans vos choix. A limited selection of these models will be available for in-store purchase at other Great Hobbies locations. Please contact us for availability. This offer applies to anything, any size, any amount, No Limits!

Just make sure that we have your MAAC number on file and the rest is automatic. For many items this means that the shipping cost is on us! This offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. New Lower Pricing! Great Hobbies has always had a price matching guarantee and now we are going one step further. See website for more details. Come to our free flight contest and re-live how it all started PLUS!

For full event schedule visit www. Lots of invaluable prizes — lots of opportunity to win. This is a social event as well as a great contest — come out and join the fun! For more information contact: Roy Smith aeronut kos. His enthusiasm for the sport was always evident as he ran the Ottawa Indoor Modelling Group and has coached many over the years, freely sharing his vast In recent years, the sources of special modelling experience.

It has become very difficult to obfriend and a fine competitor who has tain quality materials since Lew Gitlow influenced many over his long modelof Indoor Model Supply retired from the ling career.

His support and willingness business. I am happy to report that Jeff to help newcomers will be rememHood, who has been involved in Inbered. I have had a chance to have him The U. Indoor Nationals will be cut some wood for me and the reheld once again at the mini-dome sults are great. This is the ask for. He puts a lot of flown as well as many scale events. Jeff and newcomers alike. His website is great to see the increasing interHoodsWoods.

I had the pleasSadly, the Indoor Free Flight ure of meeting many new faces, all community has lost another very Up and coming Indoor endurance flyer Ron Bartley launching his well known modeller. Let me tell you, that was the most epic shower of my life! Sometimes my stomach sloshes as much as the water in the shower basin. It actually did not get really rough until the middle of our sleeps though. The rocking of the ship kept trying to toss me out of bed. At first I was disappointed to be on the lower bunk because there is little head room; I quickly felt more comfortable though once the boat was rocking and I knew my fall would only be about 2 feet to the floor.

Eventually I realized the best way for me to sleep was to lie on my back and wedge my leg between the bed and the wall. This stopped me from rolling so much when the ship rocked dramatically in the darkness. So far, to my surprise, I have not been one of the sea sick passengers.

Neither has dad. We seem to be doing very well. I have been hungry and enjoying the rocking of the ship. I am told that this is a good sign. On deck is amazing. Sometimes you can feel the ocean mist on your face as the water crashes below you.

The ocean is the bluest thing I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely unreal. A person cannot even describe the beauty of something so pure and so untouched.

Obviously, you see nothing but ocean. Water, water, water and more water. There is no land in sight, and no other ships. It feels like we are a group alone and removed from civilization. This is actually a wonderful and strange feeling.

I know we are all in good, capable hands though, so there is very little to fear. Tomorrow I look forward to reaching protected waters. We are expected to cross the Antarctic Convergence tomorrow morning-ish, I am told; and we should see ice by the lifting visage klorane dattier. I cannot wait.

We had several items throughout the night crash to the floor. Gravol has also become my friend. I was unfortunately one of many that got sea sick this morning. Its bearable now. I think tomorrow will be a better day.

Our way here all the way from home took forever on the plane. I have never been that long on a plane; more like on planes. At first we left Kuujjuaq to Montreal, it was good. Then Montreal to Toronto was good, too. We spent a night in Toronto then left in the morning, and met a lot of people.

Toronto to New York was ok. But New York to Santiago was sooo long. We slept in the plane and it took us 16 hours to go to Santiago.

Then Santiago to Buenos Aires. When we arrived to Santiago, I thought we were going to spend a night there but I guess not. We spent a night there, and we had a cute room. Then the next day we went on a tour offensive minceur gratuit the city. Heard a story about the city and some people, pretty good story, I like it. Then we where on our way to Ushuaia. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I wish I could live there but then I would miss home to much.

In winter, they do some skiing there and the mountains are really big and, of course, beautiful. The third day, it was raining a bit but later on in the afternoon the sun came back. The first day in Ushuaia, we met David Fletcher, who is pretty cool. He told us a story about Shackleton. Shackleton was a great man. He was a guy who wanted to be the first man to South Pole but someone else was the.

So Shakleton had another plan to go across the Antarctic. He went around the sandwich, they tried to go to that corner but the current and the ice pulled them away. Then their boat broke but it was still on the ice, and the ice was holding it up. But they left the expensive stuff like jewelry, gold and all those kind of things.

The boat sank soon after. They took the 3 small boats they had, put all their equipment in. But they had to drag the boats and it was pretty heavy. It would take about 1 day for feet. They made it to Elephant Island, freezing cold and exhausted. Shackleton and 5 more people from the crew went off to get help from Southern Georgia. It took few months or weeks to get there.

When they arrived there, they heard the most beautiful thing ever. It was a sound of a whistle. A whistle to let workers to get ready to go for breakfast, but they were not sure if they really heard right, so they waited for another half an hour to see if they could hear the other whistle to let the workers get ready for work. So then Shackleton and the 5 other men walked to the place where they heard the whistle and slid to the town. Schakleton sent a rescue mission for the other 22 men and they were saved.

After the guys got rescued, they signed up for the war. Schakleton went back to Antarctica to do another expedition, but he died from a heart attack because he was old. So, that is the story of Shackleton.

I love how David told the story. He is from the U. K and I like his accent. So, that was the first thing we did in Ushuaia. The second day in Ushuaia we went to the ranch. It was nice; more like beautiful. We went to the museum then did a tour around the ranch and of course heard a story.

It was pretty good. It was beautiful there, of course. They use electricity only by a generator. Must be fun living there. We arrived at the boat and we got to see the whole town and it was beautiful. Now we are on the ship. But good thing I have extra memory cards.

The water was nice and smooth, we had a great view of the mountains and the beautiful skies and of course beautiful clouds. Then we went to sleep, woke up and the ship was shaking a lot.

I thought it would be rougher. I love you guys all. Beaucoup ont été malade et les activités de la journée ont été reportées. Ils ont changé un peu la direction du bateau et nous nous dirigeons vers Elephant Island qui devrait se montrer le bout du nez vers 16h demain! Bonne nuit! So, Drake lake or Drake shake? Last night, from 11h30pm, the Drake shake prevented me from sleeping most of the night.

I had a hard time for breakfast and barely ate some fruit. Activities were canceled for part of the day, because it was pretty rough. By the afternoon, we changed our heading to have it less rough and we plan to be at Elephant Island by 4pm tomorrow! Very interesting.

Nice discussion about whales with Scobie, apparently it is a good year for whales in Antarctica! Good night! Ayyeee mateeyy After all, I am a pirate.

Ce matin, Émilie, de Trois-Rivieres et moi avons essayé notre première session de yoga avec vue sur la mer. Nous avons aussi vu nos premiers Albatrosses dehors, en train de voler en pleine mer. Les especes qui peuvent surmonter ces obstacles severes le font de facons incroyables et ils sont des varies miracles de la nature.

Le carbone est attiré vers le fond, ce qui crée un puits de carbone. Melinda, une plongeuse de la Nouvelle-Zélande, nous a ensuite guidé autour du Titanic!

Le sel dégrade le bateau qui ne sera pas reconnaissable en Bref, des systèmes complexes et merveilleux, expliqués par des experts dans leurs domaines respectifs. Ces présentations générales nous préparent effectivement pour les détails des jours à venir. After the plane rides we landed in Ushuaia to spend to 2 nights there. The name of the hotel is Del Glaciers. There are lots of high mountains and some of them have glaciers. We went to visit the Harberton Ranch and we went to the bone museum.

This morning when I got up, before am, I felt good. When I saw the big waves through the small window where me and Susan are staying, as soon as I sat on the floor, I kind of felt that I was getting a little sea sickness, so I took some Gravel but I puked after I took it. After, I tried going back to my room.

I had to run to the washroom to puke again. I still have lots to learn from this trip and we only started going through the ocean yesterday around One picture so far. S Penina Mae Vilhelmine Kleist hope to see you guys soon march 1st okey. Hello, everyone! This is Nishtha writing from somewhere in the Drake Passage. Yesterday we boarded our vessel MV Ushuaia and officially said goodbye to the civilized world. Since the moment I got on the ship, I have been jumping around and generally going mad.

People who know me probably know that I am really crazy so just imagine what it would be like if I became even crazier. Well, this mad, high feeling did not last very long as we were introduced to the Drake Passage. With the Drake Passage, we also said hello to sea sickness.

There are no words to describe how you feel when you are sick every 5 minutes. Most people did not venture out of our rooms but the few who were extremely daring to come to the lounge had to rush to the toilet every 10 minutes. Since the water was choppy our ship has been moving quite violently, so have the people and things in the ship. It is quite a common sight to find people flying all over the place. Our food and drinks are everywhere. My friend Rosie and I were discussing today just how boring it would be during meals times with no food coming your way or how during shower times, you would not bang your head into the wall.

We have started our expedition officially with briefings and lectures. Most of us were cellulite apres liposuccion oedeme in and out of the meeting room to go the toilet to throw up. The food we get is so yummy that even with an upset stomach we stuff ourselves and promptly throw it up later.

This is the first time in my life that I have had a proper 4 course meal complete with a salad and dessert. Today when the weather was a bit calmer, we were allowed to go on deck and guess what, I actually saw an albatross. It was a breathtaking sight.